Amanda Conley Hines

Communications | | (248) 542-2266

Energetic • Charismatic • Lover of Jesus • Family Oriented • Married Mother of Two Girls • Writer • Published Author • Servant • Dedicated • Enthusiastic Traveler • Tree House Large Group Leader • Avod Reader • Talkative • Passionate • A Proud Member of The New Orleans Saint’s Who Dat Nation •

What are some facts about you and your family?
I was in the U.S. Military for almost six years. I’m originally from Louisiana. I love to cook and I love for people to enjoy my food. We moved to Michigan from Virginia eight years ago for my husband’s job at Ford Motor company. We love to travel, camp and experience new things. We have visited over half of the U.S. As well as Mexico and Canada. We are animal lovers. We have a cat a dog and ten fish. We enjoy family time which include, but not limited to games, story time or curling up to watch a movie.

In your own words what do you get paid to do?
I am a part of the communications team at Genesis. My duties include making sure that our community is informed and feel like family.

What are you passionate about?
God, living a life that imitates Jesus, my family, my friends and my country and The Saints!

What is one of your greatest memories from a ministry experience?
Teaching the kids in the Tree house and seeing their eyes light up with the realization of what a great Father God is

What are you learning right now?
How to live like a disciple.

What is your best memory from your schooling?
My military training was as a Dental assistant/emergency medical assistant. It was a great privilege to serve my country.

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