Elder Meeting Notes 6/2/11

  • All elders (Greg Brinks, Harvey Curley, Dave Hardin, Jen Hullinger, Barb Meyer and Ben Riegle) met with Beau, Drew and Dave Nichols
  • Opened with prayer and sharing what we hearing from God; included prayer with one congregation member
  • Reviewed and affirmed the Covenant and Membership document and process
  • Discussed and planned for up-coming evaluation of pastoral staff by elders with input from members; elders to meet without pastors to discuss the input on 6/23/11
  • Met with Eric and Stephanie Scobie to discuss middle and high school youth ministry.  The Scobies highlighted the number of current students who fall in this age group and the number who will be moving into 6th grade in the next couple of years.  With the coming of a fourth child, the Scobies need to step back from this ministry, leaving a hole in the leadership role.  We thanked the Scobies and prayed with them.  The group agreed to discuss this further in the Elders Retreat on 6/4/11
  • Drew reviewed the time and financial commitments required for his participation in the University of Michigan Executive MBA program.  At the elders’ request, he will develop a formal proposal for support from the church including re-assignment of some work duties and potential financial support
  • The group reviewed plans for the service on June 12 celebrating students who graduate, blessing the McCarthys as they leave for 6 weeks in Israel and sending Jodi Theut with the congregation’s blessings as she moves to Brussels to begin her full-time missionary role
  • The elders discussed the need to communicate more and more clearly with the congregation.  Efforts will include development of an Elders’ Blog on the Genesis web-site

Items for congregational prayer:

  • Thanks to God for his provision of the Scobies and others to lead the middle and high school youth group
  • Ask God to provide a person or people whom He has called and equipped to continue moving the youth ministry forward
  • Ask God to lead Drew and Caren Hunter and Genesis as Drew begins his MBA program
  • Request safety, health and significant advancement in Hebrew skills for Beau and Carmel as they travel to Israel
  • Request God’s blessings on Jodi Theut as she makes the transition to living and ministering in Brussels, Belgium