David Cain

HS/MS Youth Ministry Director| dave.genesisthechurch@gmail.com | (248) 542-2266

Father • Family Man • Extrovert • My Wife Amanda • Basketball • Detroit Tigers • Shoes • Cardigans • Tattoos • Love Watches • Spoken Word Fan • Athletic • Funny • Wannabe “Foodie” • Big Kid At Heart • Grilling • Joshua 1:9 • Service Projects (especially with my children) •

What are some facts about you and your family?
I have an AWESOME wife Amanda and three beautiful kids Jaxon, Brody and Ella. Amanda and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary on June 12th, 2014. We love being around people who like to have fun and challenge us to grow.

In your own words what do you get paid to do?
I am paid to introduce Youth to Christ, to disciple them into spiritual growth and make it a fun experience!

Why do you work at Genesis?
I feel God has called me to be of service to His people within this community we’ve been a part of for just over 10 years now. An opportunity for the High School/Middle School Ministry Director became available and I felt a “Push” from God to step towards that role.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about the youth of our church having and knowing their identity as Christ’s children be truth.

What is one of your greatest memories from a ministry experience?
Sharing my testimony to the High School students and watching them just take it all in. Then at least two of them saying, “oh, you’re real ?!” LOL “Well yes, yes I am!”

What are you learning right now?
The benefit of working from rest as opposed to working so hard that we then crash into rest, resulting in being burned out physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

What is your best memory from your schooling?
Spending time with my wife Amanda (then girlfriend) between classes studying, eating or playing pool in the OC at OU.

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