Elder Meeting Minutes 2/9/12

Attendance:     Beau McCarthy, Barb Meyer, Dave Hardin, Harvey Curley, Dave Nichols, Greg Brinks, Drew Hunter


Group opened with brief prayer.


  1. Jodi Theut — Group Skyped with Jodi.  She is grateful for any encouragement that she gets.  She requested prayers for additional workers and particularly she would like a mentor for herself.  We discussed trying to connect her more to Genesis via blog connection to our website, inclusion of prayer requests on our weekly e-blasts, etc.  Jodi requested financial support from Genesis and she’s currently at about 70% support, having both lost some and gained some supporters.  Elders discussed the financial support request.
  2. Elder Nominations — the Elders discussed new elder nominees and agreed, based on input from the nomination committee and Dave N to invite Foster Braun to the next meeting.
  3. Mission Fund – something we need to discuss in the future as the current funds in the Mission Fund are likely to be spent within the next 1-2 years.  Possibility exists that there will be future gifts, so we need to decide how we’d handle these.
  4. Upcoming schedule:
    1. Elder Retreat:  3/23-3/24 at Camp Leal.  $35 cost.  Breakfast and lunch on Saturday.
    2. Men’s Retreat: 4/27-4/29.  Cost: $60.
    3. Community Summits – in homes.  February 27 or 28.  Like a “big small group”.  Pastor and elder at each.  Communication to be determined.
    4. Easter – Possibly Passover Seders on Thursday prior to Easter and Saturday after Easter.  All night prayer Thursday-Friday.  Series leading up to it: The Gospel According to Moses (OT texts that point to Jesus).
  5. 3dm – discipleship and mentoring.  Beau passed out summary of what this is.  Possible mentoring training in Cincinnati.  More to come later.  May need more funds to send pastors and spouses; may ask Detroit Baptist Union if they would provide support.
  6. CWI – Covenant and Kingdom.  More to come at Elder Retreat.