Elder Meeting Minutes — 7/14/11

Elder Meeting Minutes – 7/14/11 Attending: Greg Brinks, Harvey Curley, Dave Hardin, Barb Meyer, Drew Hunter, Dave Nichols Dave Hardin opened with prayer Discussion of agenda for Community Summit 7/24/11. Drew described the new member process – both the formal all-church process and the process for individuals who indicate an interest in joining the church between all-church affirmation opportunities. Following the all-church covenant affirmation service (expected to occur in late September), all attendees who affirm that they meet the requirements for covenant membership, as well as those who indicate an interest in becoming covenant members, will be contacted by an elder or a staff member. It is recognized that this will be a time-consuming but appropriate process at the beginning. The Elders were comfortable with what Drew described and Drew agreed to put the process in writing. The group discussed potential by-law changes to be made. Concerns were raised regarding putting through only some changes to the By-laws while recognizing that many others remain to be made. After discussion it was agreed that at the Community Summit Drew would describe the changes to be made to the By-laws that affect church membership. Other changes will be deferred until a more thorough review of the entire By-laws document could be completed. It is recognized that this is overdue and may frustrate some who would like to see certain changes put in place. However, there was consensus among the elders that the By-law changes should be considered as a whole, rather than piecemeal on various occasions. Discussion of Need for Additional Elders There are currently only 2 candidates willing to be considered for the office of elder. The elders discussed potential nominating committee members who could interview these candidates. The elders agreed that Drew should contact the proposed nominating committee members and, if they’re willing to serve, ask them to undertake this task as soon as possible. In addition, in light of Ben Reigle moving on and other potential changes, it was agreed that the nomination process should be re-opened. The goal would be to have one or more additional candidates who may be able to be submitted to the congregation at the annual meeting in October. Preparation for BOB meeting on 7/24 The group discussed the upcoming meeting between the elders and the BOB. Drew and Dave made suggestions and then exited the meeting, leaving the elders to discuss the goals and desires for the meeting among themselves. The elders agreed to defer further work on review pastor feedback for a subsequent meeting Dave Hardin closed the meeting in prayer.