Elder meeting minutes 8-25-11

Elder Meeting Minutes – 8/25/11

Attendance: Beau McCarthy, Nate Sjogren, Dave Nichols, Jen Hullinger, Harvey Curley, Barb Meyer, Dave Hardin, Greg Brinks

Group opened with prayer.

Beau reported joyfully on a couple of correspondences from people who had filled out green cards saying they had made decisions to follow Jesus.

Consideration of the question of whether there’s anything that we feel like God has called us to do that we’re not doing (based on review of I Samuel 15). The group mentioned the following
1. There’s a danger that Saul fell into of being a leader who follows his people. We need to be wary of shying away from confronting sin and hell, but at the same time ensuring that we continue to be welcoming to all who are interested. This is difficult to balance
2. Any commitments that we made as part of the merger that we’re forgetting about? Reminder that we committed to getting to 10% of our budget dedicated to missions.
3. Should we be doing more to teach people more basic Christian doctrine and biblical literacy as a starting point? The longer people are Christians but lack that basic understanding, the harder it is to admit this. Perhaps with the space we have and other things that weren’t available in Genesis’s history, now is the time to launch an initiative like this.
4. Greater provision of more child care for more events, e.g., small groups.

Question about Budget Review
Beau asked about development of the Compassion Team / Missions budget. Elders reported about discussion that we had with the BOB and the idea of breaking out a missions line item within the Compassion Team area.

Discussed question about how we accommodate more people in our worship services. Determined that we would defer a larger discussion of this to a separate meeting (weekend retreat).

Youth Ministry
People responded to call for leaders, particularly with people who were approached personally. Qualified people about whom were excited have agreed to step into leadership roles. We will meet with some of these people on September 15.

By-laws adjustments
The remainder of the time was spent going through the by-laws section by section, identifying items that really should be changed. Beau agreed to take these away and work with someone else to come up with draft language. Below are the identified areas for changes: