Elder meeting minutes 9/15/11

Elder Meeting Minutes 9/15/11:

Present: Beau McCarthy, Drew Hunter, Nate Sjogren, Dave Nichols, Dave Hardin, Harvey Curley, Greg Brinks

Middle School Ministry Review
• Matt Demorest visited to report and be prayed for
• First meeting on Sunday, September 11, went well with 4 students in attendance
• Anna Lewis, David Cain, Tim Tucker, Susan Nievelt are other leaders
• Mark requests that we pray he be led by the Spirit and not just by his academic training
• Mark will attend weekly at first to help get things going
• Would like to have monthly events to give kids opportunity at a different time to invite friends

Group prayer together

Budget – Some material increases
• Some needs for improving sanctuary
• Garden needs additional help, particularly for older elementary students. May need another part-time paid position. Also some equipment needs.
• Goal to bring budget to congregation on October 16 with idea that congregation would vote on 10/23 and 10/30

Report on Compassion
• 40+ people willing to serve on AIDS walk
• 60+ on Love in Action day
• Community Lunch – needs a leader, lots of people are willing to help, but no one has stepped up to lead. Need to pray about this more to see if God is leading us and saying, “You must do this.”

Dave Hardin presented a draft Benevolence Fund Policy. Policy was generally approved with some small suggestions for change.

Mike and Nicole Peraino visited to talk about High School ministry.
• First meeting occurred 9/14/11 with two students attending
• Meeting of the Edge here on 9/11 – maybe 100 or more kids with 40 leaders
• Dave N emphasizes that we want the Youth Leaders to feel prayed for and feel like they can have access to the elders when needs arise.
• Elders prayed for Mike and Nicole

By-law review: Jim N agreed to participate in drafting changes to by-laws, but his time is limited.

Up-coming elder retreat topics:
• Inquire about whether God is calling us to do something more to expand number of people worshiping at Genesis?; if so, how might this be accomplished?
• Inquiring whether God is calling us and compelling us to take on the Community Lunch (and potentially do it differently)

Discussion with William Kuster regarding a Biblical literacy program.
• William has a background in teaching biblical literacy in South Carolina and education at Moody’s and University of Edinburgh
• William proposed a possible syllabus for use in a basic biblical literacy class
• Style would be Socratic method with a relatively small class – up to 15-17
• William’s ideas were enthusiastically received and the Elders prayed with William