Elder Retreat Notes – 6/4/11

  • The elders (Greg Brinks, Harvey Curley, Dave Hardin, Jen Hullinger, Barb Meyer and Ben Riegle) met with Beau, Drew, Nate and Dave Nichols
  • The group began with listening to God for His leading and discussing what was heard.
  • We followed this with a lengthy discussion of the strategic priorities for the coming year based significantly on the input from the listening groups that took place earlier in 2011.  The focus was not on specific programs, but on what strategic themes should permeate all aspects of life at Genesis.  The themes that seemed to come out significantly in the listening groups and in what the elders are hearing from God revolved primarily around equipping our members, particularly families, in the ability to grow biblically and to develop other disciples, including their own children.  This is not to exclude those who are single or without children, but to include them by preparing them for marriage and raising children (should God provide for that) and/or to bless and be blessed by other families within Genesis.  Significant discussion took place regarding implications of this for various of Genesis’s ministries, including the Garden and youth ministries, small groups, etc.  There was also discussion regarding how this can fit in with and fuel continued compassion ministries that Genesis values so highly.  A second and related priority that was discussed involved leadership development.  The staff was assigned to continue developing specific plans for how these priorities will influence the various ministries at Genesis.
  • We discussed further the need to focus more intensely and intentionally on youth ministry.  We agreed to communicate to the congregation the need for youth leaders and ask the congregation to join the elders and staff in praying for called and gifted leaders who can be empowered for this ministry.  We also agreed that this ministry will require more time and support from Genesis staff.
  • The final topic discussed was regarding ideas for how to move forward as Genesis grows and outgrows the ability to fit all attenders in the sanctuary for a Sunday morning worship service.  Various ideas and possibilities were discussed and the conclusion was that the first step would be to develop the capability to broadcast the service in real-time into other parts of the Genesis building (the South Hall, the Lobby, etc.).  The staff was charged with the responsibility to develop specific plans for how this would be accomplished, most likely in the fall of 2011.  As growth continues, we will continue to evaluate and pray about further options.

Congregational Prayer Opportunities:

  • Pray that God will lead our entire church as we seek to equip and ground members in God’s Word to enable them to disciple others
  • Ask God to help us in developing additional leaders within Genesis for the various ministries to which God calls us
  • Continue to pray for God to lead us to the person or people He is calling and equipping to lead our middle and high school youth
  • Pray for God to continue to bring to Genesis people whom He wants to love through our congregation.  Ask Him to lead us in giving all those who attend the opportunity to participate in worship in a way that feeds them and honors Him.