Jessica Kennedy

Olive Branch Daycare Director | | (248) 542-2266

Mom and mini-me,  jewelry making, travel, recipes, “Martha Stewart” books, beach, outdoors, deep friendships, close family, art, sunsets, lighthouses, photography, math, Psalms, children education, plants, life-long learner.

What are some facts about you and your family?

I have lived in Royal Oak for almost 9 years and grew up in Grand Rapids before that. I have a BS degree in Elementary Education and MA degree in Mathematics Education and loved my years of school at GVSU and UofM. I have seven years of classroom teaching experience all in classrooms in Detroit before I decided to take a couple years off to enjoy being a mom. My amazing little girl is three years old and keeps me busy and joyful. Though most of my family is back in GR, I have an amazing “framily” here that is also close to my heart.

In your own words what do you get paid to do?

I’m the “make it work”, “odds and ends”, “random projects” girl…Drew termed it “special teams” and I think that sounds awesome and mysterious, like I run covert ops HA

Why do you work at Genesis?

It’s my family and I have the privilege of being employed to serve and work with my family

What are you passionate about?

So many things: My daughter and raising her to be an intentional and amazing woman of God; creating things–I love all things crafty and have a jewelry-making business on the side; I’m passionate about people–spending time w family and friends is a big part of my life, as is educating and caring for children

What is one of your greatest memories from a ministry experience?

The mission trips I have been on always come to mind–serving others though work projects around the US, spreading the love of Christ through skit in Venezuela and on the streets of NYC, building relationships in Haiti…these gave me diverse experiences and helped teach me what having a heart and life bent towards service can look like in work, in conversation and in relationship.

What are you learning right now?

How to be a good mom is the biggest learning area right now–it’s hard and rewarding. I also am beginning a new chapter professionally in early childhood education and child development. Spiritually, I find myself in the Psalms lately and find what is expressed there real and meaningful. Personally I am always seeking to learn more about creating things from new recipes to jewelry techniques and designs to craft projects, I thrive on new ways to express creativity.

What is your best memory from your schooling?

This was hard to think of for me, but the moments I am strangely fond of are the few times I let myself go a little–like jumping out the window from Calculus and letting our teacher freak a little and walking up barefoot to get my diploma at graduation. For those who know me, it’s a stretch to “break the rules” even in these small ways so rare moments out of my straight-laced, high-achiever school days are fun to remember for me. Walking across the stage to at my graduation for my Masters at UofM is pretty high on my list of memorable moments too.

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