Mainstream and Margin

Every group has ways that people are di erent from each other, be it race, culture, gender, relationship status, sexual orientation, political a liation, and on and on. In every group, there is a Mainstream that sets the identity and culture for the group. Some of this happens intentionally and some is accidental; some of it is good and some of it is harmful. The Margin is the alternative to the Mainstream. And in the Margin, some of the experiences are more intense than others. Usually those in the Mainstream are not aware of the experiences of those in the Margin. However, all of us are Mainstream in some ways and Margin in others. The wonderful thing about Jesus is that He transcends Mainstream and Margin. In the New Testament, we see a beautiful picture of inclusion and oneness in Christ. Could we at Genesis be in fact more like the body of Christ with our differences? How do we respond to the complex web of relationships? This journey is not easy but it is a picture of the Gospel at work. Join us as we learn and grow together.