Genesis: the Church affiliates with national and international organizations which are aligned with our mission and vision. Here are details on our key partnerships.

American Baptist Churches of Michigan
The American Baptist Churches of Michigan (ABCMI) is comprised of more than one hundred fifty congregations across Michigan, ranging in size from less than forty people to more than two thousand; located in the great metropolitan center of Detroit, cities, small towns, and countryside; composed of people from various ethnic groups; seeking to impact our state and world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

The ABCMI seeks to strengthen and support congregations through:
• Networks that enable churches to help each other
• Church Health Assessments & Training
• Equipping & Supporting Pastoral Leaders
• Region-wide youth ministry events
• Camping ministry
• Missionary deputation & mission trips

In the Greater Metro Detroit Area, the ABCMI are called to be a diverse and unified community of faith dedicated to carrying out Christ’s mission.

In order to be a diverse and unified community of faith the ABCMI commits to:
• Loving sensitivity, mutual respect and trust among each other
• Foster covenantal relationships among our pastors and churches
• Develop programs to promote multi-cultural education and ministry
• Build and nurture relationships with other denominational groups
• Invite participation by all who share the commitments expressed here

In order to carry out God’s mission the ABCMI will:
• Seek to understand the mission and message of Jesus, including what he meant by saying, “As the father has sent me, so send I you.”
• Create mission strategies and programs appropriate for today’s context
• Rely on the Holy Spirit in order for these mission efforts to bear fruit
• Empower leaders from our churches to respond to specific human needs
• Seek a redemptive impact within our churches and the larger community

Kensington Community Church
Kensington’s mission is to turn people who think God is irrelevant into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through high-impact churches. In the mid-1990s, Kensington’s church-planting vision was dubbed Vision2020, with the mission to establish 40 multiplying churches reaching 250,000 people by the year 2020. In 2006 the Vision2020 became Vision360 and grew in scope.

Vision360 was founded with the goal of saturating America, and the world, with influential, rapidly growing, and high impact churches that in turn reproduce themselves. Vision360 is seeking to start reproducing churches that value evangelism, discipleship and the transformation of communities.

Willow Creek Association
The Willow Creek Association was founded in 1992, and works to link like-minded, action-oriented churches with each other and with strategic vision, training, and resources. We are driven by a calling to serve Christ-following leaders as they build biblically functioning churches—authentic, Acts 2 communities of faith that reach increasing numbers of lost people and grow them into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to seek out and share God-given breakthroughs with widespread potential from churches around the world, supporting a rapid diffusion of innovation through the local church for the sake of Christ and His Kingdom. The WCA is a not-for-profit ministry, with more than 12,000 Member Churches from 90 denominations and 45 countries. These churches, and others we serve, represent a wide variety of sizes, denominations, and backgrounds, and are ministering in literally every corner of the world.

While pursuing their own unique, God-given vision for ministry in their own communities, Member Churches confirm a shared commitment to Christ and a passion for reaching those who are not yet part of His family.

The Mosaic Alliance
The Mosaic Alliance is a global network committed to create the future by unleashing a culture of entrepreneurship, activism, innovation, authenticity, and creativity within the local church. We seek to empower and equip churches and leaders to maximize the creative potential in the communities in which they serve. We partner with leaders from around the globe in effort to catalyze the movement of Jesus Christ. The Mosaic Alliance provides resources, training, and ongoing dialogue in effort to serve leaders and churches worldwide. One of our focus areas involves serving church planters, but the Mosaic Alliance is not limited to church planters.

Mosaic Alliance Values
Wind | ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Mission is why the Church exists
Water | ACTIVISM – Love is the context for all mission
Wood | INNOVATION – Structure must always submit to Spirit
Fire | AUTHENTICITY – Relevance to culture is not optional
Earth | CREATIVITY – Creativity is the natural result of spirituality

Great Commission Ministries (GCM)
The last words of Jesus’ earthly ministry were, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them…and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:19-20)

Great Commission Ministries (GCM) works to fulfill this command by mobilizing missionaries to work with local, missional churches for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship & church planting.

Why? In the U.S. and around the world, churches need more laborers to help them reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ, but they are often unable to financially support enough staff to fulfill this vision.

GCM is based in the Orlando area and employs over 280 missionaries who are working to expand God’s kingdom in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America in over 46 churches and 11 countries.

GCM Values
The autonomy and authority of the local church for governance, ministry and theology.
Multiplication through evangelism, discipleship and church planting.
Excellence in all we do as an offering to our Lord and witness to our world.