Vision | Values

Our vision is to see the Kingdom of God come by loving God, making disciples and serving the hurting world.

Every Person Matters
Each person is created in the image of God, entrusted with creative and spiritual gifts. We are each called upon to make a unique and humble contribution in the body of Christ.

Taking the Next Step
Becoming disciples and making disciples of Jesus Christ requires faithfulness to Scripture and the leading of the Holy Spirit. The journey has to begin somewhere; it is an ongoing pilgrimage that starts where we are and continues throughout our life.

Authentic Community
We seek to be a people that God might dwell among; open, honest, accepting, welcoming and non-judgmental. We recognize that we are better together than apart.

All of Life is Worship
God is good. In response to God’s faithfulness we are compelled to respond with worship, reverence and praise in all areas of our lives; in work, play, study, prayer, giving and service.

Love in Action
God loves people and so we love people.  We show God’s love in the world through action born of compassion.   Without judgment, we seek to embody the love of Jesus Christ through tangible acts of kindness, care and service to others.

Sending Out
We send empowered and equipped disciples of Jesus Christ into the world. Every follower of Jesus is a missionary and disciple maker in the community where they live, work, serve and play.

Covenant Membership

Genesis bases church membership on the model of Jesus, who welcomed without condition all who came to Him, and yet encouraged those who were ready to be disciples, to leave everything and follow Him.  At Genesis, there is a covenant community who have committed to God and one another to live intentionally as a disciple of Jesus.  To find out more about how to covenant with God and the people of Genesis read the covenant materials on our website or at the Welcome Center.  If you are willing to commit to embody our shared values in the covenant, please sign the covenant and submit it to the Welcome Center or drop it in the offering.  Someone will contact you shortly for a follow-up conversation.  In accordance with our core values, every person matters to us at Genesis.  Whether you are a covenant member or a community member, you are invited to participate fully in what God is leading us to be and to do.

Covenant Membership Document
Genesis Covenant