Church By-Laws

Church Meeting to Affirm New By-Laws :

Join is on Sunday, February 28, at 10 am as we take a moment during the worship gathering to affirm our revised By-Laws. The Elders and Pastors have been working to amend the current By-Laws to better reflect our current operating practices and procedures. The purpose of By-Laws are to document how Genesis operates, i.e., the purposes of the organization, the election of officers, when the organizational meetings will be held, if and how members will be admitted, etc. The By-Laws function to help the Church operate under the worse case scenarios giving guidance and procedures enabling the Church to move forward in difficult situations.

The Proposed By-Laws are attached for your review, as well as the current By-Laws. Please read through these documents to be able to affirm the Proposed By-Laws on Sunday, February 28. Printed copies of these documents will be in the back of the sanctuary for those who are unable to download the By-Laws. Please email the Elders of Genesis at with any concerns or questions.

Current By-Laws