Wendy Jenks

Host | wjenks@genensisthechurch.org | (248) 542-2266

Jesus • Bella (dog) • Life Insurance • Books • Ziggy (Cat) • Friends • Gilmore Girls • Therapy • Creating • Bible Study • Change • Gardening • Solitude • Home Repair • Babies • Detroit • Good Conversations • Food •

What are some facts about you and your family?
I’m single, my dog is my daughter, my cat is just my cat..

In your own words what do you get paid to do?
To be kind.

Why do you work at Genesis?
Because for real, it’s awesome.

What are you passionate about?
Being a friend.

What is one of your greatest memories from a ministry experience?
Every time I am in charge and it goes well.

What are you learning right now?
That it isn’t going to look like what I thought it would look like.

What is your best memory from your schooling?

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